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Oath Of Cranes

"Goat" T-Shirt

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Oath Of Cranes are doom with traditional eastern influences.

OATH OF CRANES turn doom metal on its head. Mastermind (and ex-Celtic Frost drummer) Franco Sesa combines his passion for eastern traditional music — particularly the mantra chants of Tibetan monks — with his love for hard rock to create a genuinely innovative wall of sound.
The result fuses metal attitude with the Eastern emphasis on the healing effects of music, creating something much more than simply entertainment. Metal was and is survival, family and religion. It is a healer and a way of life. OATH OF CRANES pay homage to that music and those keeping it alive despite rejection by mainstream society.

Premium quality organic t-shirt.

  • Organic 100% cotton.

  • Vegan ink.

  • Front print.