As an innovative response to the unique and dire circumstances faced by artists and the music industry during the ongoing pandemic, KMM created Tohuwabohu Festival, a worldwide streaming metal event. With full shows broadcast live from a traditional venue but without an in-person audience, our festival was among the first of its kind.

Tohuwabohu’s 2020 inaugural edition took place on 21 June 2020 at Kulturfabrik Kofmehl in Solothurn, Switzerland, featuring SAMAEL, CELLAR DARLING, ILLUMISHADE, and KASSOGTHA.

Tohuwabohu Festival was a real live show: all bands played their sets on a proper stage, with full sound & light production, broadcast to the world in real time with professional cameras.

The event was made possible with voluntary ticket purchases from fans across the globe and with the hard (and often voluntary) work of the Kofmehl crew, the team of jumpTV, and the promoter KM Music, along with support from Pro Helvetia and Fondation SUISA.

Behind The Scenes of Tohuwabohu Festival 2020: