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From Doom Metal with Eastern & Shamanic influences and sounds to groovy progressive death metal a la Gojira x Arch Enemy: these two incredible albums are out now on Klang Machine Records. Learn more & shop below!

  • Oath Of Cranes - The Unsung Mantras

    From meditation gongs, buddhist chants and bagpipe-evoking Tibetan horns to walls of distorted guitars: Oath Of Cranes create in-your-face doom metal with influences from Eastern music and Shamanic cultures.


    "A sonic odyssey"

    - Distorted Sound Mag

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  • Kassogtha - rEvolve

    Kassogtha place authenticity and sincerity above smoke and mirrors: a genuine metal band for true metal fans that takes the Progressive Death Metal genre further without abandoning core ingredients. Think Gojira x Arch Enemy, made in Switzerland.


    “Heavy as f**k.”
    - Metal Hammer UK

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