We power artists and champion heavy music

Klang Machine Music provides management and label services to artists in heavy music. Based in Europe’s music capital, London, we build on our founders’ decades of experience as artist managers, musicians and road crew in 50+ countries around the globe.

In 2020, we established our merchandising division, Black Tee Merch, focusing on print-on-demand and direct-to-fan sales.

In response to the unique circumstances faced by our artists during the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring and summer of 2020, we created Tohuwabohu Festival, a worldwide streaming metal event. With full shows broadcast live from a traditional venue, it was among the first of its kind.

Launched in 2022, Klang Machine Records is our in-house label, releasing quality heavy music while providing label capabilities to our management artists and a management perspective to our releases.

We are proud members of MMF U.K. and the Association of Independent Music.

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  • Kate Piatkowska


    Kate started her music industry career in 2002 as a sound engineer at London’s legendary music venue The Underworld.  Since then she has toured the world extensively with bands including Finntroll, Carcass, Eluveitie, Immortal, Amon Amarth, and Monster Magnet, eventually expanding into tour production and artist management. Kate started her first artist management company in 2013, which gradually morphed into Klang Machine Music. In 2022, she was selected for MMF UK’s Accelerator program, supported by YouTube Music and Arts Council England.

  • Merlin Sutter


    The recipient of a prestigious Swiss Music Award first established himself with Switzerland's most successful metal band to date, Eluveitie, building a career spanning seven albums and numerous world tours on six continents from 2005 to 2016. He continues to create music with Cellar Darling, with whom he has released a further two albums on Nuclear Blast Records. Merlin earned his MA in International Music Management from the University for the Creative Arts, manages artists since 2012 and has served on the board of directors at MMF Suisse, the Swiss association of music managers, from 2018 - 2020.